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14 Jun 2018

How ceilings deliver unrivalled energy efficiency, IoT capability and industry 4.0 readiness

Are you ready to see the light? If not, you may want to get ready, because the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way businesses use their lighting systems. Lights have transformed into “smart connected ceilings” that have the ability to do more than just illuminate our spaces.

Since the mid-1990s the Internet has revolutionised culture, commerce and technology. Today, not only are businesses and individuals connected via a variety of devices, but that connectivity is essential for ensuring operational capability.

But the possibilities opened up by the Internet isn’t purely limited to technology that lives on desktops or in the hand. Take a second to look up at your ceiling – the connected lighting there has enormous potential for your business.

Lighting systems are playing an active role in enabling large-scale digital transformation. Today’s systems not only deliver improved, human-centric, energy efficient lighting, but also the capability to connect, collect and communicate data, and intelligently manage differing requirements and energy consumption through the day.

Beyond lights

Vivid technology logo

Vivid Technology was one of the first companies to identify the bigger opportunities offered by lighting. Its unique, ‘beyond lights’ system provides state-of-the-art, unrivalled energy efficiency, plus IoT capability and Industry 4.0 readiness.

It’s a world-class, cloud-connected, IoT-enabled system that represents the future of lighting – with all the technology designed and developed in Australia.

Intelligent IoT in your ceiling

Vivid’s multi-award-winning MATRIXX® system is able to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 90%. It understands and adapts to its environment in real-time, applying scheduling, operational integration, daylight harvesting, heat mapping and occupancy control to drastically cut energy use.

Energy savings drive cost savings

By cutting energy usage, companies are able to save money on power bills. Plus, for businesses investing in site-based renewables such as solar power, less generation capacity is required, which reduces capital investment.

Lights as a data source

Data is the main currency of the Internet of Things, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. The MATRIXX® IoT platform provides unprecedented levels of insight into system status, performance, energy use and site usage thanks to Klarity®, Vivid Technology’s cloud-based data analytics and reporting platform. This smart technology delivers real-time analytics to provide intuitive warnings and alerts, thereby ensuring increased control.

Additionally, a smart lighting system needs to be highly adaptable to changing business needs. That includes being quick and easy to install and update, with modular plug-and-play systems that ensure that a system’s life is indefinite, with all components easily serviceable, maintainable and replaceable.

Forward-thinking companies including MercedesLinfoxGoodman GroupHoneywellCoca Cola Amatil , Kerry Logistics and Interface are already gaining the benefits of an intelligent IoT MATRIXX®, and the savings and efficiencies it can drive.

Lighting as a service

When it comes down to it, businesses want to focus on what they do best, not maintaining their infrastructure. New models of how lighting is managed are also appearing. LaaS (Lighting as a Service) allows companies to get on with their business and not have to think about energy efficient lighting.

Through its intelligent connected MATRIXX® and Klarity® platforms, Vivid Technology is able to supply, manage and maintain lighting to agreed standards with guaranteed efficiency, lighting performance, carbon savings and cost savings.

Your lights have the potential to be a smart, connected, IoT-enabled system that can save your business money, reduce carbon and capture data to provide insightful reports that let you know exactly what is going on operationally.

Vivid Technology is exhibiting at CeMAT Australia 2018. Register for your free visitor pass today, or contact Adam Carey at Vivid Technology +61 3 8625 0500 or visit vividtechnology.com.au


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