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23-25 July 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Deutsche Messe

Executive High Density Order Fulfillment Morning Tea


Executive High Density Order Fulfillment Morning Tea



Extolla redefines high-density order fulfilment with Attabotics’ unique automated ASRS cube system set to take Australia by storm.

Need to consolidate your warehouse footprint, improve efficiency in order fulfilment and drive lower total cost of operations? With greater flexibility and customisation vs competitors, Attabotics gives rapid ROI and labour savings.Box

Experience the future of warehouse automation with the introduction of Attabotics' revolutionary 3D automated ASRS cube storage, sortation, and retrieval solution. Designed to address the modern challenges of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, Attabotics is poised to transform distribution centres and warehouse management across the APAC region.

Inspired by nature, Attabotics' innovative design tackles the pressing needs of contemporary supply chains, such as adapting to changing customer demands, mitigating labour shortages, and optimising space utilisation.The system features a unique vertical grid structure and proprietary robotic technology, ensuring each storage tote is accessible 100% of the time, offering unparalleled flexibility for any product range. This state-of-theart solution not only reduces warehouse space by up to 85% but also utilises 25% fewer robots compared to traditional systems, significantly lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs

Attabotics' approach to high-density order fulfillment sets a new standard in the industry. By consolidating the storage of goods into a compact, efficient cube structure, the system maximises space utilisation and minimises the need for extensive real estate costs. This is particularly crucial in regions with high real estate and labour costs, such as APAC. The reduction in space and robotic requirements translates to substantial savings and a quicker return on investment for businesses.

CrowdMoreover, Attabotics' system is designed to scale seamlessly with business growth, offering the flexibility to adapt to varying demand levels without compromising efficiency. The advanced robotic technology ensures precise and rapid order fulfillment, improving overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction As a leading sustainable supply chain solutions provider, Extolla is proud to bring Attabotics' cutting-edge technology to the APAC region. With our expertise in designing and implementing efficient end-to-end solutions, we are excited to offer our clients a transformative approach to warehouse automation. This collaboration promises to deliver significant value to manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, and omni-channel retailers, helping them achieve new levels of operational excellence. 

Discover how Attabotics and Extolla are paving the way for a new era of supply chain innovation, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Join us in celebrating this exciting launch and explore the future of high-density order fulfillment today.



10.30am: Arrivals and Morning tea – attendees to grab food and coffee etc

10.45am: Peter Kendall welcomes and makes intros and summary of agenda:

  • About Extolla and the partnership with Attabotics – why partner together?
  • Who are Attabotics and solution overview and what it could do for “your business”
  • What makes Attabotics so special and why is Extolla so excited about this new technology in the ASRS automated storage, sortation and retrieval system?
  • What are the main benefits?
  • Comparison to leading competitor. Why does Attabotics stand out as a leader
  • Q&A


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Come speak to Extolla afterwards in suite or at booth 502 about how Attabotics system could benefit your business. Alternatively, scan our QR code on pull up banner or email us – details on brochure on your seat.