The following presentations have kindly been shared for download by the speakers of CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2018

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Dr Andy Song, Artificial Intelligence Group, RMIT University

Smart Picker technology for small-and medium-sized warehouse management

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Arthur Dardoumbas, GM – Business Development & Solutions – Retail, Consumer & Healthcare, Toll Global Logistics

Automation of your distribution centre… and all done via your 3PL

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Professor Booi Kam, Program Director of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, RMIT University

Supply chain management at the cross-road: The hope, the despair and the challenges

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Darren Johnstone, Manager, Innovation and Product Development, CHEP Australia

The value of automation and collaboration within modern supply chains

If you’re looking to improve your supply chain, let’s talk. 13 CHEP (13 2437) www.CHEP.com


CeMAT 2018 - DL2


David Butt, Interim CEO, OzHelp Foundation

From research to best practice in workplace health and wellbeing

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Erica Gilcrist, Independent Director, SCLAA

The top 10 global supply chain trends and Australia

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Leon Fairfield, Logistics Operations Manager – Victoria, Metcash

The challenges and solutions for picking small and large orders for multiple clients out of a single warehouse

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Marc Amelung, GM for Mobile Solutions and Security Systems, Panasonic

Moving forward: Discover why businesses are turning to disruptive technologies to support an integrated digital supply chain


CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Martin Kohl, Senior Consultant, Swisslog

A deep dive into the interrelationship of materials handling and its connection to Industry 4.0

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Michael Kemeny, Director of Sales & Engineering, KNAPP

Future flexibility in warehouse automation – AGVs and roaming shuttles

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Pas Tomasiello, Senior Director ISG ANZ, Dematic

Arthur Dardoumbas, General Manager – Business Development Retail, Consumer & Healthcare, Toll Global Logistics

The future of eCommerce and retail order fulfilment as well as innovations in automation for eCommerce and omni-channel

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Paul Stringleman, Senior Consultant, Swisslog

The Kaizen Paradox: How incremental improvements impede innovation


CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Rod Barnes, General Manager Delivery, Australia Post

A look at how market dynamics have changed in recent years and how Australia Post is working with major eCommerce businesses to fulfil their supply chain demand

CeMAT 2018 - DL2


Steven Asnicar, Director, Chain of Responsibility Australia

The changes that will affect every business in Australia: NHVL – Chain of Responsibility law changes in 2018