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23-25 July 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Deutsche Messe




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Forklift Championship Participation 

Registrations Open

The Australian Forklift Championships registration is now open, and this year at CeMAT, we’re taking the competition up a notch.

For the price of a $1000 donation to Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, CeMAT’s Charity Partner, companies may purchase a franchise spot in the event.

Each spot consists of two competition entrants, saved for the best forklift drivers in your company. Decide this in whatever way you would like, but just know that your competition will be rigorous in their testing.

The winning company will receive the Australian Forklift Championship for 2024, while the best driver on the day will earn the honour of being named Australia’s Best Forklift Driver, alongside a cash prize.

Forklift Champs

Sponsored by Hyundai