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Webinar Series


Webinar Series

We have recently launched two new webinar series that focus on best practice for supply chain, intralogistics and warehouse professionals.
Below you can re-visit previous episodes and sign up for those still to come. 

Supply Chain Pandemic Response Discussions

Supply chain

9 Steps to Future-proofing your Warehouse

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Supply Chain

In an effort to support the CeMAT Australia supply chain, intralogistics and warehouse community, we are launching a Supply Chain Pandemic Response webinar discussion series. Featuring our webinar host, Rob O’Byrne, Founder & CEO of the Logistics Bureau, the interview series will feature supply chain & logistics leaders sharing their unique challenges during the pandemic response, and offering information, support and guidance during this uncertain time.





COVID-19 has caught many businesses unawares, putting unforeseen pressures on the supply chain. It has slammed some with unmeetable demand and left others with excess inventory. There have been ramifications for workers, distribution and fulfilment profiles, shipping methods, demand prediction analytics and more.

This has provided a timely lesson on the need for contingency and agility.

The good news is that we have the intralogistics technology and systems and they continue to advance at a rapid rate. We also have the knowledge and best practices that allow businesses of every size to design warehouses and distribution systems that can adapt and scale when needed.

Starting May 2020, CeMAT Australia, in partnership with warehouse automation experts, Fuzzy LogX will launch a 9-part interactive online series. A guide to future-proofing your warehouse.